1. Geoff, Noah, Owen, Sam, Harold, Bridgette, Lindsay, Anne Maria, Jasmine, Scarlett, Leonard, Zoey.

2. Duncan, Trent, Mike, Scott, Shawn, Topher, Izzy, Dawn, Samey, , Blaineley, Gwen, Eva, Sierra

Elimination Table

25- Leonard (voted)

24- Bridgette (voted)

23- Izzy (voted)

22- Blaineley (voted)

21- Sam (disqualified)

20- Owen (voted)

19- Anne Maria (voted)

18- Zoey (voted)

17- Sierra (quit suddenly)

16- Shawn (voted)

15- Samey(voted)

14- Geoff (voted)

13- Trent (voted)

12- Gwen (voted)

11- Eva (voted)

10- Scarlett (voted)

9- Lindsay (voted)


8- Mike (eliminated)

7- Noah (eliminated)

6- Scott (eliminated)

5- Topher (eliminated)

4- Harold (eliminated)

3- Duncan (eliminated)


WINNER: Jasmine

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